Black Friday (& More) Shopping Specials with Usborne Books & More

It’s the holiday season (are you singing that in your head too?) and so many amazing deals and steals from Usborne Books & More!

Make sure you are in my Facebook Community to find the BEST deals, offered by me, as an independent consultant. Here I’ll highlight the amazing deals offered by Usborne Books & More!

First, Stock It To Me! Fill up those stockings with 25 amazing titles at 25% off!

Next, our amazing Advent Calendar is now 50% off!!!! Grab 24 amazing mini-sized books for ONLY $25!

Last, but certainly not least – 100s of titles will be $10 only (regularly priced up to $19.99!)

Amazing books for everyone on your list! Need some help picking out the perfect gift? Message me so I can assist!

Here is the link to browse our entire virtual store!

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How Much Does it Cost to join PaperPie?

How much does it cost to join PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books & More)? Great question! Joining PaperPie is pretty straightforward. Did you know that it is ALWAYS just $10 to activate your own account at PaperPie

Beyond this amazing kit, you’ll also have access to training, friends for a lifetime, access and discounts to the best books around and SO MUCH MORE.

PaperPie has no quotas or minimums, and there are no hidden fees. Both kits come with 6 months of the e-business package. After the first 6 months are over, website renewal is $8/month.

Questions about joining PaperPie? Want more information message me or find me on Facebook to chat more about what it’s like to be a PaperPie StoryMaker. Ready to join, get your own book business started today!

*kits and titles included in kit subject to change! Please see our website, or contact me directly for all current information!

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Mess Free Painting, Magical Activity Book for Parents and Kids!

My kids absolutely ADORE art projects but I can’t always handle the mess that comes with them. More often than not they ask for some sort of painting project. I found a happy medium that allows them to paint but appeases me with less mess!

That’s where the Magic Painting books from Usborne Books & more come in to play. I use these when my kids are craving art and I’m craving a moment of quiet. Kids can enjoy these without too much supervision while you get just a minute of peace to cook dinner, take a shower, move the laundry and sip that reheated coffee.

These books are fabulous because they are virtually mess-free! I get a tiny Tupperware container – like the size you would use to pack some condiments inside a lunchbox. I add just an inch or so of water because my kids are crazy, and I let them have at it.

The only mess might happen if they dump their water cup – which has totally happened before but isn’t detrimental. Each book also comes with a flap in the back so you can put that underneath the current project. Each page is also perforated so you can pull one page out at a time, that’s what I do for my kids!

These are simple to use and straightforward. A paintbrush comes with each book. Dip the brush into the water and paint over the black and white portions. The color will appear and it comes out lovely! 

Check out one of these in action!

My 3-year-old (with a little help from me) did this one from the Magical Creatures book. He didn’t want to finish it because he loved it as is. It’s currently on our refrigerator. 

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You can browse all magic painting books on my website. Be on the lookout around holidays as seasonal ones usually become available around Halloween and Christmas.

As long as they are in stock, there are a variety available including Cinderella and Rapunzel, woodland creatures, dinosaurs and many more!

You can break these up and throw a sheet in a goodie bag for a birthday party or have them at a little arts and crafts table. This also makes great gifts for classes! You can buy extra paintbrushes and pair a brush with a page! Perfect for a small gift for your child’s’ classroom!

For additional gifting ideas, activity book ideas and more, you can find my community on Facebook where you’ll also find free printables, fun at-home activities to keep those kids busy and so  more! 

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When should you host an online book party with PaperPie?

What’s the deal with PaperPie book parties and when should I have one?

Such a good question! Book parties are so fun and simple. They can be done online from the comfort of your own home. Your consultant will walk you through how to make this the best party ever! You’ll ask some of your friends and family if they’d like to join (just like you would to a normal party at your own home!) and your consultant will take care of the rest.

These are our basic host rewards, but each month PaperPie offers a special that changes each month. Message me to find out what the current Monthly Host Special is for this month!

PS, brand new consultants get even BETTER rewards, ask me how that works and how can maximize free books for your family!

Any time of year is fantastic to host a PaperPie party but here are some of my FAVORITES! But when is the BEST time to host a PaperPie party? Well first of all, anytime really is the best but let’s talk about why! 

January – new titles roll out in January and we often have amazing host rewards in January!

February – all the new toys from Christmas are starting to lose appeal and it’s cold out. New activities books plus books instead of candy are great reasons to snag books. We have some great ideas for class-party gifts and Valentine gift ideas!

March – our mid-season titles come out! Spring is coming and a new book refresh is fantastic this time of year! 

April – Snag books for Easter baskets, upcoming birthday parties, baby showers and more!

May – the sun is outs, and you can bring books with you outdoors, (nature guides are a huge hit to talk about what you’re out and about!).

June – Now that school is out, you’ll definitely be adding things to your wishlist to help keep their hands and brains busy.

July – The new fall catalog comes out in July and there are always fantastic new releases, including peeks at new seasonal titles! 

August – It’s time to get prepped for Back To School!

September – Halloween books sell out early so September parties give you the chance to grab Halloween books, and any other supplemental school books you need.

October – One of our busiest months of the year! People are stocking up on Halloween and winter books and starting to stockpile Christmas gifts.

November – People are ready for holiday shopping! Books make such amazing gifts and this is one of the best times to get those books ordered and ready for gifts, advent calendars, fun books to take when traveling and more.

December – grab those last-minute gifts, stock up for the winter blues, school breaks and more.

Hmm….that’s every month. Well, that was a surprise but what does that tell us? Basically, there is no bad time to host a party with me and PaperPie!

Crazy right? You’re probably wondering, what’s the catch?

There isn’t one! 

Let’s connect today to schedule YOUR fantastic book party! Or email me at,

I’d love to connect with you! You can join our community where we share mom hacks, parenting tips, literacy information, memes and more!  Hope your January is off to a great start! You can message me or connect with me on Facebook