40 bags in 40 days, Week 4 update

So last week was a disaster, I mentioned that in my last post.

The last week hasn’t been a whole lot better but I did make up for it today and yesterday! Here is what my list currently looks like:


I have one task left that I need to catch up on. Not only did I catch up on everything but one task, I even did a few ahead of time! Maybe the nesting thing is finally kicking in?! And, have we all noticed….I’m more than halfway done with my challenge!

The one task that I just flat out didn’t finish this week was filing all of my paperwork away. I absolutely hate filing all that stuff so I let it pile up for weeks months and then do a huge stack at once. So that’s left on the list. Yes I know this isn’t decluttering as in purging…but it really is. I broke it up into two days so I didn’t get overwhelmed. I don’t always open statements and things so I went through and made sure I got all the junk out, opened everything and re-piled it nicely. So that is still on my to do list — mainly because I’m avoiding it because I just really don’t want to do it. It’s a really big pile…

I did purge an office trash can full of stuff, so I definitely made some progress! And it looks almost organized in the office aka man cave.

But that was my one missed task of the week. I did a bunch today so I’ll highlight my favorite accomplishments!

I cleaned out ALL the cupboards in all three of my bathroom’s today and was able to purge a ton of stuff, so I’m quite proud of that accomplishment. I got rid of a trash bag, between expired medicines, bath products I don’t use anymore and just other stuff that I’ve been hoarding, it felt really good!

All in a days work (or two!) getting my purge on!

All in a days work (or two!) getting my purge on!

Plus I have a small pile of stuff to add to my donation items also. Things I don’t use, things I’ve upgraded, things I somehow have three of, etc. Bonus,all of the cupboards are neatly organized now!

I jumped ahead and already finished Thursday’s task which was getting all of our recycling out, breaking down boxes, clearing up a corner of the garage, so I’m ahead there by a day. Since we are getting so much baby stuff sent to us, I could build a box fort. My cat would love that.

Another item on my list (not for another week!) was to clean out and declutter my email inbox, that’s done. I was bored last night and it seemed like a good idea. Lastly, I also checked up on, as well as organized our finances and budget.

I’m feeling really accomplished now!

So while I am still a little behind I have three days in the next couple weeks that are already taken care of. Small victories people, small victories!

How goes your declutter challenge? Or any other challenge you might be working on?